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Welcome to Royal Pharma Website

History of Achievments..

Royal Pharma is a company with a 100% Yemeni capital. It is based in Sana'a and was found by Ahmed Naser Al-Subbary in 2006 and managed by Dr. Talal Ahmed Alsubbary.


What make us different?

We proved ourselves as one of the leaders in the Yemeni Market, we worked hard and strengthened our company with various aspects and resources that make us capable of competition.


Road to Leadership..

We are a very-well organized company, our Management hardly concerns about one question: How to reach the leadership in our market, and how to remain on the top?


  • Laboratories Les 3 Chene, France
  • Reman Enterprises, Germany
  • Laboratories of Teuto /Pfizer, Brazil
  • SRS limited, India
  • QG Medical Devices, Qatar
  • Shangahi Pharmaceutical Company, China
  • Anhui Welcome Foreign Trade, China
  • Beijing Zizhu Pharmaceuticals, China
  • Sanjiu Group (999), China
  • Fresh Up Cosmetics, Bulgaria
  • Geofman Pharmaceuticals, Pakistan
  • Arab Medical Food Company, Egypt
  • Adebeiky Pharmaceuticals, Egypt
  • Shijiazhuang Pharmaceutical, China